Friday, June 28, 2013

Week 5: Personal Reflections

Hello all, hope you are having great summer and SoS! Although I've been volunteering more than 5 weeks, this is the 5th week since I've started to write my blog. In some ways its better this way because I had more time to reflect on my work at the places I volunteer. So, just yesterday I had to translate a document (Azeri to English); its about a short play that the Azeri kids would be performing in Ukraine! So proud of them! Also good news is that Education USA has started their Competitive College Club (CCC) for the high school students who are interested in studying in the USA. Students would have a chance to learn about American culture&traditions, prepare for TOEFL and SAT, learn how to write college essays. Yesterday my supervisor and I had interviewed about 25 kids, and we chose 12 of them to be part of this club! I hope all of them achieve their dreams and go to the colleges/universities they want in the US. Tonight I am going to lead the Conversation Club and I have suggested that we all go see a movie in English after; I hope enough people want to come. Also next week (the 6th of July) the Play Bus is going to their annual Summer Tour; I will be going with them. We will travel to the regions of Azerbaijan and have programs with the local kids over there. It should a great and busy week! So as you can see I am having a great time at my volunteer sites and its nothing but pleasure to work with these people! I am happy that Bonner creates a chance for us to do so. It taught me a lot to work and help with people in need, and I feel like I am doing a small chance in their lives - that's the ultimate prize.