Thursday, June 13, 2013

SOS Week 2

Week 2 - Service Challenges:

Happy (late, by the time I'm posting this and you're reading it) Memorial Day! Summer is breaking in on my East coast hometown of Vero Beach, Florida. The weather is fairly hot and humid, we're already getting afternoon rain showers from tropical storm Andrea, and kids only have a week or two left of school. 
In light of Memorial Day, the volunteer director advised I wait until Tuesday to start volunteering full-time because it'd be a slow day on Monday anyhow. On Tuesday and throughout the rest of the week, I saw many patients come through my Cardiology & Radiology Hospitality Room. Each day I became more familiar with the halls and began to learn the most professional and efficient methods of communicating with patients and staff. Everyone I met was very friendly, which made my work much more enjoyable. 
Honestly, the only challenge I had this week was getting used to my new sleep schedule because I was exhausted at the end of each 8-hour day! I'm sure I will face more constructive challenges throughout my days spent at IRMC, yet for now, all is going smoothly. 

I hope everyone else's summers are going just as well!

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