Sunday, June 23, 2013

Florida Rural Legal Services - Final Week

I wrapped up my last week at FRLS so I'm going to combine the prompt for Week 6 and Week 7. My project at FRLS was very eye-opening and kept ablaze the fire for human rights. I worked on a case that I worked on last summer. It involves about 60 farmworkers who were brought to the United States from Haiti. They were promised free housing and free food as well as $8 an hour. Things changed  when they got over here. They had to pay for housing, food, and were paid by the bin and not the hour. This case went to trial last week. We are sort of hopeful on the outcome because the judge was appointed by Obama and it is the only liberal judge that we have had on this case. My job all last week was to look up every case that was mentioned in summary judgment. I had to print out a copy for our attorneys, a copy for the judge, and a copy for opposing council. I had to put the copies in a binder and make sure that they were easily accessible just in case the judge or opposing council had any questions about the cases mentioned.  My final day was spent reviewing all of the projects that I had completed this summer and putting them in a folder for future use by the attorneys.

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