Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 3 (Relationships in Community)

Hey all, hope you're having a good summer and SoS! Relationship is great. First I'll start with Play Bus org. we go out to different neighborhoods and schools to have educational activities and play games with kids; they enjoy my presence and help. Since I volunteered with them last year too, we already know each other which makes it easier to cooperate! I also help them to write reports (in English) which they have to submit to the headquarters. After submitting their last report, their supervisor told them that it was written 'perfectly', so I am glad I was able to help! We are also planning to take our annual 'summer tours' where Play Bus crew goes to different regions and cities in Azerbaijan. This will probably be a week long trip and I am looking forward to it! (I heard that a Peace Corps volunteer will be going with us too!). Second place I go to is EdUSA (at BEIC) and its 2nd year I have been going there too! I know a number of the participants and the administration; it makes it much easier than starting over. It is nice seeing some of the students progress in their academic lives and many of them are getting ready to leave for foreign universities abroad. We are getting ready to start a "college preparatory" club for high schools students; they will be trained to take TOEFL/SAT, writing essays, and filling out the college apps. I also have one-on-one lessons with people who are learning elementary English, and I have to admit it is really hard being a teacher! I hardly remember grammatical rules not to mention teaching them. Besides that, I am having a great time and if you are reading this I hope your summer is going well! 

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