Sunday, June 16, 2013

SOS Week 4

Week 4 - Project Reflection:

Summer of Service is definitely a "project" and is one of my biggest. I've combined the opportunity to serve with my entire career search. Four weeks in, this experience of working at the hospital has already given me a great insight into what it's like to work in the medical field in various positions. There are countless areas in which one can specialize in medicine. I am searching for the one that will best suit me and in which I can make the most impact on the population's health for the better. 
Serving at IRMC has been much of what I expected it to be. Being a volunteer, I'm obviously somewhat limited to my position, but as I stated at the beginning, I am determined to make the most of it. I am lucky to have already seen the way many doctors and employees work within their positions, especially in viewing the catherization procedure. I am very interested in nutrition and the career of a registered dietician, so I will request to spend a day or so in the nutrition department. Likewise, I am fascinated with dermatology. I'm not sure if there is a dermatology department in the hospital, but I am sure there is an office in the area where I may also request to shadow. That will be a side project to my volunteer service here at IRMC. 

Again, life here is good and I wish the same for you! I've read some of the other Bonner's blogs in my free time and it sounds like everyone participating in a Summer of Service is benefiting from an incredible learning experience. Reaching out to the community really opens your eyes beyond the little college-student-on-summer-vacation lifestyle in which most people our age (but not all, of course) are stuck. So congrats to us! :)

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