Monday, June 24, 2013

Project Reflections (Week IV)

Hey all! I feel good about the challenges being overcome; I finally got used to the busy routine of going from one office to another in the crazy city traffic! One of my sites - SOS Play Bus is still trying to get funds $$$ for our annual summer trip around the country's regions. On that note I have found a great websites to get grants to fund social projects! I am planning to submit one for poor kids to be able to go to summer camp :) As I've mentioned before, I had worked with Play Bus since last year and I have friendly relationship with the crew members, so we work together very well. I am glad that I can help them with stuff that has to do with Language (eg translating documents), and they help me to do good deeds by sharing their experiences! Second place I go to is BEIC - there are several offices and each does pretty much the same thing - it is education. Just this week, my supervisor gave me a bunch of applications to look through so we can choose approximately 10 high school kids for free college preparation program the EdUSA is offering. I am happy to see that so many students want to study abroad and learn about foreign cultures! I also tutor a few kids (my age) on individual level; many of them learned Eng. in high school but since they don't use it, they forgot how to speak it well. Conversation Club I lead is also going great - we talk about some really cool topics and play games at times too. To put all this into one sentence - I am having a great time, and I am glad I am doing this!

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