Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hello my fellow bonner peeps!

This summer I’m working at Southeast Border Collie Rescue and I’m so excited! I’ll be training and working with some of the most coolest people and dogs ever!

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Of course it can’t be all fun and game, even though it is for me. ;)

Some of the goals I want to accomplish this summer are getting the general dog rotation down packed for the daily chores, training potential service dogs, going out and having the dogs be socialized, attending service dogs demos and general events, and most importantly getting some bright smiles.

I want to personally get to know each and every dog at the rescue and remember their names and their personalities. With me getting used to the general routine I would be helping the staff at the rescue so they could focus on other issues that need attention.

Some of the rescue dogs that come through here have the potential and personality to become therapy or service dogs. For now I will be training a border collie named Kurt who is a cuddle monster and has a high possibility of being a therapy dog. Another dog that I would be training would be my little psychopath, C.J., who is an amazing dog that is as fast as a bullet and loves agility and too just be around someone. Besides service dogs I want to also have some of the rescue dogs learn a few pet tricks to impress possible owners.

Since the staff here has a lot on their plate, they do not always have the time and hands to take potential service/therapy dogs out to different types of locations and situations. That’s where I come in. I hope to take the dog I’m training to big locations like a supermarket and to socialize with different types of people and animals.

Other chances for socialization would be service dog demos. Where we bring the dogs to a big event with a wide arrange of people to see how they react and to see how far our training with them has improved their behavior and their chances to pass the test.

So far these are my goals and I can’t wait to get each one accomplished. I hopefully expect there to be a lot of smiling! :)

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