Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 2 (Service Challanges)

Hi all! So first of all, I found a new NGO that I started volunteering at - Its name is "Birliye Dogru" meaning "towards unity". What this org does is they basically help the children who have no parents (ones over 18); these kids leave orphanages at adulthood and many of them struggle to find their place in the World. I volunteered to teach them Eng classes!
So there are many challenges in each of my 3 cites!
1. Education USA (BEIC). - here I lead conversation classes and help with programs on study abroad. The biggest challenge was finding days and times that are conformable for all of the students who come to conv. club. Some of the people who come work, while others are students, and lack of support from the office didn't help. Anyways, now we have figured the days and times and everything is well!
2. SOS Children's Villages - here I volunteer with Play Bus (our crew reaches out to poor kids and we play educational and fun games). Challenge here is a unique one - language barrier. Since I have lived in the USA for 5 yr now, its somewhat hard to switch to my native language right away; it takes me a few weeks. :) Here in Baku, most of my friends and family are bilingual (Russian and Azeri). But the kids we work with only know Azeri. This is not that big of a challenge but definitely one I faced with.
3. The new site I started going to is great- the people working there & students appreciate me lots! One challenge here is the lack of funding; I am trying to find some private companies that would donate some money so the org. could do more programs for their kids.

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