Sunday, July 29, 2012

Darina 5

For the time being I have been focusing on an outreach project to Churches in particular zip codes. Getting started was by far the most tedious part. I composed a list of 98 churches and included their address and contact info. From there I reduced the list by deciding which churches were in better locations and more accessible to our volunteers. We are doing this because we need more distribution partners, meaning a place where our workers can drop off food for volunteers to pick up and distribute in a neighborhood that is closer to them or they are familiar with. We currently only have 9 distribution partners. After creating a final list I am still in the process of calling the churches and obtaining the contact info of the person who is in charge of voluntary services and would be willing to meet with my supervisor to further discuss a partnership. I have written a script that I try to stick to when I make the first call. Afterwards I follow through by emailing or mailing them a letter with more information about our non-profit and our proposal. I have learned that sometimes it takes a great deal of persistency and patience when it comes to finding the person I should get in contact with. Most church representatives will either turn me down right away and some are kind enough to suggest other churches, while others give me the contact information of a person in their church, however, that person never gets back to me. For the most part all individuals with whom I have spoken were very kind and chatty. J
Other than working on this project I am sticking to my old tasks which include leading orientations for new volunteers every morning and preparing route maps for next days meal deliveries. I like having established a routine and that my supervisor feels comfortable letting me take care of things or leave me in charge of his "duty phone". (The duty phone is somethething that volunteers who are out on deliveries call when they have questions or concerns).

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