Sunday, July 29, 2012

Darina - 4

Every Tuesday we have a 2-3 hour after school volunteer program for summer school students. There are only about eight students. Most of them are in middle school and a few are in high school. For the past 4 weeks they’ve been helping with administrative tasks which is primarily filing. Not the most exciting stuff :/

This time we decided to do something that would be a lot more fun. The other intern and myself lead two learning activities. One was a worksheet that helped the students to better understand the tight budget of our average customer and how our organization helps save individuals a lot of money on food. One of the mission trip groups that was helping out in the kitchen earlier that day was also able to participate in this activity. In total we had about 30 students.

The second activity was a life size board game. We placed sheets of construction paper to mimic the spaces on a board game.  Students were divided into teams. The teams could move forward or backward on the board game spaces based on whether or not they answered the question correctly. They were given a nutritional question most of which were true or false. Many individuals were able to learn something about proper nutrition or about our service. The teams got pretty competitive and seemed to have a great time. At the end we gave them a quick survey to see if they enjoyed the activities. Most students said that they had a good time and would be willing to return as well as recommend this experience to a friend.

I really enjoy working with youth, particularly being able to educate them about nutrition in a fun way.

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