Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 6

So this post is supposed to be about project evaluation and regrettably all of the projects at DCF were long term and the one here in Deland ended up falling through at the very last minute. On a lighter and more positive note though I did get to see and assist with the development of some really cool things at DCF!

The first was the Vivatrol program which had been approved by the State for more funding. We went through some of the applications from the clinics and had begun choosing which ones would receive the drug. While I was there we approved three more clinics to use drug!

Prevention month unfortunately got pushed back due to the importance of the reorg within the office but I made some progress on it by contacting key organizations and developing program proposals.

Lastly there was a lot of improvement and work that went into the reorganization of the office. When I got there the office was just in the developmental stages of their strategic plan. I had the opportunity to assist in developing and sharpening that strategic plan alongside my boss and we helped it grow and now it's within it's final stages. Woo hoo!

I ended up spending the last of my days at DCF looking up Florida Statute and updating the DCF substance abuse and mental health requirements, assisting in the Block Grant request, and attending strategic planning meetings.

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