Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Relationships in the Community

While working at the rescue I was able to attend a few service dog demos and take the service dogs I’m training out into the town. The first one was awesome even though they failed to mention that it was at a church.

Oops. Well, at least the shirt they gave me was appropriate!

 photo shrugfunny_zpsea78dbfc.gif

The padre, father, pastor, or whaever other non-catholic religious leaders are called, told me and my other two supervisors that we were going to do a special trick with each of our dogs. Luckily my friend Annie taught Kurt how to hug for the laughs.

The padre practically melted when Kurt hugged him. I just pumped my fist in the air in victory, in my head of course and gave a large piece of hotdog for Kurt.

Now to perform this in front of a large number of people. Yeah, no pressure. These are church people. Church people are nice right?

Yes, they were. Once Kurt hugged the father, everyone wanted a piece of this ham.

 photo photo1_zps9620020a.jpg

And who could blame them with a face like that.

My favorite part about this whole thing was the kids. I’ve never seen so many kids so excited during a sermon. They practically ganged up on Kurt, but he didn’t care.

One of the kids even stuck to his side for most of the sermon and just played with him. I had to learn to try and be patient with this kid especially when my supervisors were advising me that Kurt being belly up and being played with was a huge no-no when he had the vest on.

The kid was cute, and a total sass mistress.

 photo IMG_0011_zps0597a588.jpeg

My second experience was with a deaf girl named Amanda. She was visiting from around the Miami area to receive one of our service dogs. She and I bonded for our mutual love of Pokemon and she started to show off all of her level 100 pokemon. Oh, and guess what? She actually caught them all.

 photo BCRCommunity_zpsbfbe7bca.jpg

Exhibit A: Nerds Nerding Out.

She really started to open up with me and her mom helped me understand what she was saying when the signing got complicated. She wanted to be a Veterinarian and asked me a bunch of questions about college and Pokemon. She even taught me some signing words, but of course my short attention span only caught ‘Me Too’.

When I’m not handling Kurt, I’m handling my favorite little terror CJ.

 photo photo_zps6ce759fe.jpg

Dennis the Menace in his dog persona.

I took him to WalMart whenever we needed to make a run to the store and walked him around certain obstacles like kids or people in wheelchairs. Especially kids, he is sometimes wary of them.

We’ve also had a couple of adoptions seven overall. I’m just glad these dogs find themselves with people they could love on. Good old Summer is gone with her new owners, which means my sandwiches live to see another day! Now we don’t have to keep fixing the door too!

Double win!

That is all that I need to share! Aniarka out!

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