Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 4

While working in the school I was able to plan and teach my own math lesson for the grade two class that I had been working with. They were just starting a new unit at the time about volume. I picked a day to do my lesson and the teacher gave me the topic, ironically they were learning about liters and milliliters, a measurement system that we don’t use in the United States. I used the format for lesson plans that I am used to using and discussed it with the teacher beforehand. When the morning came to teach the lesson I was a little nervous because the behavior of the children is unpredictable and I have never taught a whole lesson by myself to children before. A few things had to change last minute because of the materials available at the school, but the teacher reassured me that it would be fine. The lesson ended up going very well, the children were on their best behavior and I think the children had a great time. We used different sized bottles to measure how many liters and milliliters of water would fit into each one. After class the teacher pulled one of the kids aside to show me that they really did learn something from my lesson. It was great to know that I could teach them something and make a difference in their education. 

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