Monday, August 5, 2013

Project evaluation

Over the past couple weeks I have had the opportunity to work on several large and small scale projects within all three of my CLA’s. Two of my CLA’s have included working with local government in particular the city of Deltona economic development office and the city of DeBary clerk’s office. While at the city of Deltona I worked on updating information on new businesses opening in the city along with working on an eco-tourism project related to the vast trail system within the city. My work at the city of DeBary included updating and providing suggests related to the employee hand book and job descriptions. Finally the CLA I have spent the most time working the Volusia County Mosquito Control Distract; here I have learned a lot about (IPM) integrated pest management. While here about 40hrs a week I worked on various projects ranging from landing rates, trapping, and lab work. As I reflect on these projects within my CLA’s I am very happy how this S.O.S has gone, I have gone through evaluations and received feedback throughout each stage of each project from my site supervisors. This has been extremely helpful in providing constructive feedback and ways to improve my skills along with providing the highest quality and level of service each CLA serves. It’s hard to believe the summer is almost complete, look forward to wrapping up my blog next weekJ

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