Tuesday, August 6, 2013

St. Francis House Week VI

Project Evaluation

Throughout my time at the st. francis House, I learned so much and i know for a fact that i helped a massive amount of people (at least compared to what i'm used to seeing). Over the course of the past two months, the st. francis house saw easily over 1,000 clients, many of whom received their services from me. Our last week, I saw the largest group in my experience come for food boxes, and i didn't stop moving once during the entire two hour period. i've helped families put food on the table, i've helped clients receive snap assistance and social security cards and birth certificates and safelink phones. i've helped send clients back to their families, one to arizona, another to georgia, and another to the okeechobee region.
on the not so nice side, i've seen clients get baker-acted and arrested, but i've also seen those same clients come back and ask for a second chance. i've seen clients fall off the wagon and stand back up again, stronger. these past two months have given me the most incredible wealth of knowledge about this field, and most importantly for me, given me the tools i need to have an impact on the deland community.

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