Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 6

I feel as though the trip has been a success.  Our team has accomplished the goals that have been set for us, with both the first work project and the second.  I feel that we have been helpful in the care of the orphans. Our team has been here for six weeks and has been extremely flexible.  There have been times where the team has gone above and beyond in order to help.  I have built relationships that I feel will be lasting with workers, like Ivan and Charles, Aunties at the toddler homes, the children and with other teams.  The administrators, Aunties, workmen, teachers, and students have thanked us for our hard work, and for our willingness to do things we had originally not signed up to do.  The school thanked the girls for working in the preprimary school for a week because several teachers were at a conference. I feel as though we have accomplished our goal here, to serve however they needed, but I will admit that the project is ongoing.  Bulembu is working to become self-sustainable by 2020 and it has not been accomplished yet. The project goes beyond Bulembu it is for the whole of Swaziland. Although we could only help for six weeks, I believe we have left a lasting impact on the people and project here.

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