Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 6(7/15-7/21):

The main focus of this week was to get kids to campaigners. Before I go on I guess I should explain what campaigners is though first. Campaigners is a more in depth version of club. We talk more about Jesus and read some bible verses, for the most part it is for Christians but really doesn’t matter if you are or not. It’s more of a discussion group for everyone to get involved in. Now being campaigners meets on Monday nights that doesn’t allow for much time to prepare or contact kids if they need rides or anything. But that never seems to stop us from getting them out of their houses. Granted it did take me literally wrestling a kid and pinning him to the ground to convince him that he can sit at his computer and play videos anytime and this is a time for him to be social and if all else get out of the house. Overall though campaigners was a success, we had about 10 kids show up and for the most part all talked and gave some sort of an opinion to a question we presented them. Overall it was just good to see the kids having a desire to stay involved. 

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