Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Courtney - Week 8

So technically my SOS is over... but I'm going to be doing a ton more hours. Last week, I took Big Emily to see Dark Knight Rises, it was fantastic. We had such a great time just the two of us going out and finding fun things to do. I got her back a little late, oops, but I got to talk with her case worker. I'm going to start working with her this summer and taking her to equine therapy. They asked me to drive her to her meetings and participate. I think that will be a great way for her to get out some of her feelings.  I'm also taking her horseback riding this weekend as part of her birthday present.

I've also had meetings with everyone and their brother concerning Bonner Orientation. We have everything in lists and ready to go for next week. I can't believe the new Bonners get here next week! All of this planning has really got me excited to start out this year.

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