Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Pollock Lesson (week 3)

At Fox Point we introduced our first official class by giving a Jackson Pollock lesson! We allowed the kids to completely be free with the paint by splattering it on their papers. We also gave them a small lesson about the famous artist. It was great, the younger kids seems a lot more engaged the older ones but it was a successful day nonetheless! 

Since we have a less structured program at Wanskuck we decided to do a bigger project with the kids! We spread a paper on the floor and had the kids splatter paint on it! It was awesome to witness their creativity and artistic freedom. It was a big collaboration project and they were very proud of it. 

This is a photo of Makayla, one of my favorite students at Wanskuck, she's a sweet heart and we love hanging out! She's very giggly too

I wanted to share one of my favorite coffee shops in Providence, it's called "Blue State Coffee" I arrive about an hour before going to work just so I can have breakfast here. It's delicious and all the food is organic and locally grown

Another awesome thing I got to do here was attend my first baseball game. It was a pawsox game and I'll be honest and say it was a little long and boring but it was still exciting to be part of such an Northern "New England" culture! 

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