Monday, August 6, 2012

My fifth post... about to start session 4

Session three has ended, and now I am preparing for the last session. his session I was able to do a lot musically with the students. I worked with the top wind band, gave several private lessons, and performed four concerts. I was able to guide countless middle schoolers who looked up to me with the utmost admiration. However, I want to come home. I am exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. I just want to see my girlfriend again. I want to be home. This has been an awesome experience, but ten weeks is way too long to be completely isolated from every one. Every one else here is fairly local so they get to see their friends, family and significant others over breaks. If not then their significant other is here with them, or they do not have one. This has been a lonely road, I made a bunch of friends, but I do not have her. The awesomeness of this experience and the potential to inspire for another to weeks has been completely shaded by my heart sickness. 

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  1. YOU GOT THIS JAY!!!! COMMON HOME STRETCH BABY. MAKE IT COUNT! Just think about how much more your going to enjoy spending time with her when you get to she her for the WHOLE school year. Your a champ I believe in you!