Monday, July 15, 2013

Project reflection

It is hard to believe that my S.O.S experience is almost half complete, as I reflect; I am very happy how things have panned out. Going into my SOS CLA with Volusia County Mosquito Control, I was expecting to gain and learn many new things. Without a doubt my knowledge of mosquito control has been double. As myself first thought and along with many others believe that mosquito control plays a very small role in community; when in fact the opposite is true. This is evident in my daily tasks which include a variety of projects that range from landing rates of mosquito, setting out traps, and collecting data. All these are key parts of (IPM) integrated pest management as there are many laws and considerations that govern public health. All these projects fit into the main goal of the mosquito control which is to prevent the spread of disease through mosquitoes and keep the mosquito population low as a high population can affect tourism. Each week I learn more and more with exposure to new areas within the department. This allows me to reflect on the importance of my CLA within the community, and how all the parts of the department fit into one another. I look forward to sharing my experience with the other Bonners.

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