Monday, July 22, 2013

Personal Reflections

Personal reflections
When I found out that I would be doing my SOS at Naples Equestrian Challenge (NEC) I was hoping to find out more about how the program ran. I was not expecting to gain so much knowledge about not only the program but myself as well. This summer I have done so many different jobs and put my all into every single one of them.
Many of my jobs have required me to call people. I defiantly liked calling people to confirm their kids were coming to summer camp more than calling to say lessons were cancelled because of the weather. However by having to do both I have overcome my fear of calling people on the phone!!
I also believe that I am being seen as an adult now. This summer I gained a lot of responsibility and trust from the staff and instructors. I can joke around with them yet not be seen as an immature kid.

I have also learned how to take leadership and be assertive. For example I have had to step up and enforce the rules. Many of our counselors like to play on their phones, stand on the fences and other things they are not allowed to do. I know that it is summer and not boot camp, but these are rules to keep them safe. It is hard to constantly tell people who are volunteers that they cannot do something. I feel bad about it, but I’ve learned to look past the eye rolling and dirty looks. 

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