Monday, July 21, 2014

Rehoboth Children's Home

Week 6

Wazzup everybody! (Yes I really said that but it's too late to turn back now.)

Brace yourselves. More unfunny jokes are coming.

So as this week wraps up it's really starting to sink in that I'll be leaving these kids pretty soon. While I'm excited to get back to school and see everyone, I'm definitely gonna feel the void of not seeing the kids. These kids have brought so much happiness to me during my time here. It's truly inspiring considering that these kids have all experienced some kind of tragedy or abuse in their lives. That being said, this week I worked on a number of things, chief among them being writing updates to each kid's history. Having read through each case, I have a deeper understanding to everything that they have overcome and why they might act up sometimes. However, I've decided to highlight some of the funnier moments in the week.

As I mentioned in my last post, Chici left for the U.S this week, leaving Victor to fend for himself in the kitchen. As an act of kindness, the house father, Adrian, offered Victor some breakfast. Which went something like this...

Tio Adrian: Don Victor! I made some duck eggs, do you want some?
Don Victor: EW.

Which was immediately followed by uproarious laughter of all those present.

I´ve really been enjoying the kids this week and trying to take everything in. And these kids are hilarious. We´ve gotten into the habit of telling jokes and funny stories during cleaning time to make things more fun. The little ones say the funniest things without even realizing it. For example...

Noe: Tia Bella do you know the Dora the explorer theme song?
Me: Dora dora dora exploradoraaaaa!
Noe: *unintelligible screech of excitement*

Lastly, I´ve gotten to know the staff around here pretty well too and we´ve begun to understand one another´s humor.

Tio Pedro: (Rather casually) Bella did you clean this window?
Me: Don't raise your voice at me!
Tio Adrian: Stop yelling at the poor girl.

I´ll definitely miss them too.

I spent the weekend with the girls who were only slighlty less behaved..... teenagers.....
But we had some good times playing charades and scattegories.

All in all it was a good week.

B love,

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