Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Honor Baslim - Week 5

Hey people,

So this week was the week of Fourth of July so I didn't volunteer on Friday, but still had plenty to do before and after the 4th. Things for the most part were pretty low key this week - though I did meet Diane Keaton (she saved a dog and brought it to our adoption center) she pretty much looks exactly like that --->

We also are having some issues with one of our horses, Spurs. The instructors ride each of the horses on lesson days, however they've all been having it be very uncomfortable to ride Spurs. What this tells us is that their is something wrong with the horses gate - much like humans if there is something wrong with the way that the horse walks it often can do more damage or be covering up a more serious issue with the animal. So we're going to arrange for one of the veterinarians that works at Helen Woodward to get on Spurs to feel it for herself since it's so difficult to explain. I'll let you know next week what she finds.

On Saturday, because it was so hot and we were still down one instructor we decided not to have formal lessons with all the hot leather tack that is typically involved. So we threw bareback pads on the horses and got out the giant soccer ball (as pictured below) and let the kids and horses go to town with various tasks and challenges.

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