Monday, July 21, 2014

Flagler Schools Summer Camp Week 5

This week was awesome!

I unfortunately was sent home Monday morning because we came back from the Fourth and only had 50 kids in K-1. State ratio is one counselor to 25 kids, and while we try to keep at most a 1:18 ratio, one of us had to go home. I was one of the only ones who has never been sent home, I volunteered to save the others some hours. I used it as time to clean our house, so it was not wasted!

Tuesday was a regular old day at camp, but Wednesday was extra fun! We told our kids we were going to practice for the movie theater field trip (pending PG movies that enter the theaters) by having a movie day at camp! Because so many of them were jazzed about the current How to Train Your Dragon II, we decided to show them the original, complete with two rounds of fresh popcorn. I think it went successfully, and all of the kids had a really fun time and were pretty well-behaved for their first "practice run" (;]).

Wednesday was officially the best field trip we've ever done, and it sent us right down to beautiful DeLand. For the first time in my past two years at Stetson, I visited the Reptile Discovery Center on International Speedway. Oh my gosh ya'll, it was awesome. It began with a half mile walking tour outside along their "Discovery Trail" and the first animal on the tour was a mother alligator, who was snapping her hungry jaws at some grub right as we walked by. It was only mildly terrifying, and the kids were really excited to see such a rarely seen animal so close up. After that we saw an iguana, some skinks, some tortoises, a water monitor (heir to the Komodo Dragon, which is my favorite animal.), various other reptiles. The indoor portion of the tour included a huge room filled with venomous snakes (and a Komodo Dragon skull!) of all different regions, which the kids had an entire five minutes to explore. Trust me, it was plenty. They had a massive blast. The final portion was the cherry on top: a live demonstration of how the center extracts venom from the most deadly snakes in Florida and then creates anti venom for Pfizer right here in DeLand Florida. My mind blew. It was so awesome!

Then after a nice lunch under a covered area and bathrooming all of the kids, we were only caught in the rain for a minute before boarding the bus and heading home. Thursday and Friday were also pretty uneventful, but Friday afternoon's home ec project were nachos. Camp doesn't really have a weekly theme this year, but the kids had a great time mixing and mating toppings for their chips. All in all, a wonderful week of camp :]

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