Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 7 - Project Reflection & Closure

Week 7

       After a looooooong summer of service, I feel a sense of accomplishment with the work I did at my service sites. I played so many different roles at my sites and gained a lot of knowledge in new areas. With BGC, I mainly played the role of a mentor. At Habitat, I did some clerical work and got experience in a professional work setting. I also worked in the ReStore (Habitat Thrift Shop) a couple of days, and attended customers. With the food bank, I worked sorting food and packaging it for distribution in the Sarasota community. I also served as a TA for some nutritional cooking classes for kids and for adults. I enjoyed having a busy schedule, but was thankful for some time to relax before school started up again. I have definitely grown a lot as a person throughout this process. I feel like I'm less inhibited in situations where I have to go do things without knowing anyone. I also met a lot of special people at the BGC and really connected with the kids. I'm definitely gonna be going back during the year to see them, and will be working hard to incorporate some music and art into their lives.

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