Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 5 - Personal Reflections

Week 5

     This summer I tried a lot of new things and experienced a lot of personal growth through my service. I learned that there is no better way to get something done other than forcing yourself to make that initial push. The main improvement I see in myself is an increase in autonomy. I feel more comfortable now going out and meeting new people and making new connections. I was also able to use some skills that I developed at Stetson for the first time. For example, at Habitat, I was able to help them create a database of all their active volunteers and a mailing list of contributors using skills I learned in MIS. I was also able to improve other skills such as web design, communication, etc.... The main thing that has impacted me about my summer of service is the realization that one person can have a big effect on a large number of people. This motivates me to try to do more with my CLA...I'd like to start making steps toward bringing a music & art program to Chisholm and BGC once a week.

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