Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 6 - Project Evaluation

Week 6

    The initial project (Bonner Summer Fellows) definitely didn't pan out the way we had anticipated. However, after volunteering with the Boys & Girls club all summer, I have gained some helpful insight about the dynamics of the club and how to interact with the kids. This information will be helpful to share with the campers next year. I've also created solid working relationships with the staff at BGC and my two other sites back home. My favorite thing about this summer is that I was able to work with kids of all ages; both with BGC and the food bank.

    With Habitat, my main project was to clean up their website and update content. They didn't know how to use the software, so I was able to show them the basics and make the site a little easier to navigate. I also helped them extract information from their volunteer database and categorize the volunteers that had been active within the past year. I then transferred those names to an access document which allows habitat the capability of filtering volunteers by age, sex, etc. in order to create mailing lists for their different events. 


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