Monday, June 23, 2014

Rehboth Children's Home

Week 2

Hey gang!

In my second week at Rehoboth I was able to get to know the kids a lot better. They call me "Aunt Bella" and are a joy to be with (nearly) 100% of the time. Perhaps the biggest development this week was that I also served as a temporary house mom while Merida went home for a couple days. This left me in charge of Maria and Fernanda for the weekend. I was responsible for getting them to do their chores, clean their closets, take care of their pets, prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner....etc, etc, etc.......all in a timely fashion and while sticking to a strict schedule. Needless to say it was a busy couple of days but I was able to fit in some fun activities like making bracelets, watching movies, etc.

Below is a little video I put together so you guys could see some of the kids I've been working with:

These kids all have inspired me through their strength and positive attitudes despite coming from shady family backgrounds and bad home situations. Last time I visited during high school, Antoni had just arrived at rehoboth and his story  in particular stuck with me. Antoni and his sister  had been locked away in a room for their whole lives (for Toni this was 7 years and for his sister it was 12). Their parents left them alone all day each day for all those years, isolated from people, with no one to look after them, care for them, or feed them.

These kids had never learned to speak. Doctors and specialists told the directors of the orphanage that it was too late; that these kids would never ever be able to talk. But the directors of the orphanage where the brother was sent; armed with an unwavering determination and unselfish love, achieved what they called a “miracle” after a few months; although not perfectly, Antoni could speak. Coming back this time I was amazed at the progress that Antoni has made, he speaks perfectly and is energetic and makes jokes and has the most contagious laugh. He is the polar opposite of the boy I met all those years ago who kept to himself. The work being done at Rehoboth changes these kids' lives, and I feel honored to play even a small role in it.

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  1. You are doing an amazing thing for those kids. It's bittersweet - that they've had to go through tough situations, but that they are not receiving love and education, and are experiencing the joy of life. I wish you and all of those sweet kids the best. My thoughts are with you!

  2. Very awesome work is being done here!

  3. Awesome work indeed. This is very very inspirational Bella! I'm curious to hear more about the activities you all have been doing together so far that has created such a strong bond already!