Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 2

Week last summer. Once challenge I did face, however, was gathering a list of clients who had been denied unemployment benefits due to their inability to speak English. The unemployment office is required since November 2011, by law, to provide translators in every language. Last summer, I discovered that many clients were denied their benefits because when they called, there was no one able to speak their language. I had to go through a list of clients who had been denied unemployment benefits since 2011 and create a mailing list for them. I then had to type out a letter, get two advocates to translate the letter into Creole and Spanish, and then mail out eighty letters. This was not challenging, but it was time consuming and I had to do it quickly because the lawsuit has to be filed by June 5. My second project was to create a wage sheet table for about 20 farm workers who were underpaid during their time here in the United States. I had to make a table for how many weeks they worked, how much they were paid each week, how much they should have been paid, and how much they are owed. They all had paystubs but many of them were missing. From the paystubs that were present, however, all of the farm workers are owed at least $1,500. 2 weeks down, 5 more to go.

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  1. I see your Spanish is coming in handy. Keep working hard girl your doing an awesome job!